Thomas Gordon Ruggles

Thomas Ruggles is a principle consultant of BioTechnology and has over 22 years experience in the field of biometric identification system development, testing, and installation.  After leaving North American Morpho Systems, Inc. (now named SAGEM MORPHO, Inc.) in 1990, he has been an independent consultant employed by various governments and by several manufacturers of biometric identification systems.  Mr. Ruggles has a degree in Physics from the U.S. Naval Academy.       

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Timothy H. RUGGLES

Summary of qualifications

27 years experience in imaging systems.

Experienced in: analyzing and developing business opportunity strategies and tactics; shaping and executing corporate vision and business plans; defining market segments and analyzing user requirements; managing product development and marketing plans; developing partnership relationships; and managing sales channels.

Demonstrated ability to pull marketing/sales and technical development teams together by articulating needed product capabilities and schedules in terms pertinent to technical developers.  Experienced in finding appropriate means to ensure meaningful and productive dialog between technical, marketing, and sales groups.

Career Skills

New Product Design & Management

§         Technical–sales–marketing product development

§         Competitive features and differentiation analysis

§         Feature/function requirement forecasting

§         Product specifications

§         Product development and alpha/beta test analysis

§         Product manufacturing and rollout

·         Team coordination



Founded several successful engineering consulting and product development firms specializing in imaging applications for scientific, engineering, commercial, law enforcement, and civil applications.   

Experienced in the development, marketing and sales of imaging solutions for bioinformatics and biometric industries.  Recognized as a leader in the design, development, and implementation of large-scale fingerprint feature imaging and matching systems.   

Successfully managed integration of advanced imaging technologies into supportable products running on commercial-off-the-shelf hardware platforms and operating systems.  Coordinated and directed efforts of integrated technical, sales, and marketing teams to define product requirements, set development priorities, and establish detailed statements of work for product development and testing. 

Won key, multi-million dollar contacts to provide biometric fingerprint imaging systems to the states of New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Maryland, Wisconsin. Texas, and Arizona, thereby establishing a dominant market share position against entrenched competitors from Japan, the US, and the UK.  Managed relationship between US subsidiary and French parent’s product development units.   

Negotiated and established key agreements with distributor and support partners in Europe, Asia and the United States


Juris Doctor

William Mitchell School of Law (1979)

St. Paul, Minnesota


Master of Science - Psychology

University of Wisconsin (all but dissertation, courses completed 1976)

Madison, Wisconsin


Bachelor of Science

University of Minnesota, College of Liberal Arts, Elective Studies Program (1974)

Minneapolis, Minnesota



Dr. Kerrie Paige

Dr. Paige is responsible for developing simulation models, statistical decision analysis software, decision support tools, and data analyses. Her primary specialization is in the development of discrete-event simulation models, with past applications ranging from performance modeling of computer systems to simulation of biological processes involved in carcinogenesis to detailed analysis of customer contact centers.   Kerrie is the founder and principal consultant of NovaSim.


Prior to forming NovaSim, Kerrie spent 5 years as an internal consultant and member of technical staff with US West Advanced Technologies in Boulder, CO.  During her tenure with US West, Kerrie led the development of many decision-support models, each of which contributed directly to bottom line improvement for US West.   She was awarded US West’s prestigious Circle of Excellence award, and was an instrumental member of the group winning the 1994 ORSA (now INFORMS) award, awarded annually to the company that is judged to be making the best use of Operations Research in practice.


Kerrie holds a Ph.D. in Operations Research from the University of Colorado (1999). In addition, she holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Colorado (1994), and a B.S. in Mathematics, Summa Cum Laude, from the University of Puget Sound (1992).