Sample RFP Documents


The following documents were written for the 1995 California Statewide Fingerprint Imaging System (CASFIS) project.  These documents are presented here in order to provide an example of the type of work Biometric Technology performs. 

The CASFIS is an identification system based on a two-finger biometric.  To be enrolled into the system, “applicant” fingerprints are compared to a (4M+) database of index finger templates to check that the individual has not already enrolled into the system.  Once enrolled and when the enrollee wishes to make a change to their status, a one-to-one “identity verification” check is made using the same two-finger data.

This system differs from a forensic AFIS application in that there is no latent processing functionality.

Biometric Technology developed the documents listed in partnership with the State of California.  Biometric Technology did the writing and the State provided access to the end “customer” (in this case, the Department of Welfare) and associated groups throughout the state (i.e., individual county welfare agencies).



Rules For Submission of Proposal

Proposed System

Administrative Requirements

Technical Requirements (SRS)

Evaluation Criteria