Biometric Technology, Inc.

Mission Statement

Biometric Technology, Inc specializes in the design, procurement, development, installation, testing, and operation of biometric-based identification systems.

Biometric Technology, Inc. staff has over 87 years of combined experience in the design and implementation of biometric systems and provides services to both users and vendors of biometric identification systems.

"User" organizations seeking to acquire a biometric-based identification system will use Biometric Technology, Inc. to define user requirements, write a set of procurement documents (e.g., Request For Proposal [RFP]), oversee system acquisition and system design, perform system testing, and help the user to integrate the new biometric system within their existing operational structure. 

Vendors of biometric systems will use Biometric Technology, Inc. to respond to Request For Proposal (RFPs), interpret and define user business requirements, significantly contribute to system design, perform project management during implementation and operational startup of the system, develop and oversee system training and provide system-testing services.

Every Biometric Technology, Inc. project is defined as a discreet set of tasks; each task has a specific goal, a schedule, and a metric that defines success for that task.  Biometric Technology, Inc. maintains a constant dialog with the customer at all stages of the project; tasks are occasionally modified as the progress of the project is re-evaluated.  The customer is constantly apprised of project status.

Biometric Technology, Inc. has performed biometric consulting services for the State of Arizona, the State of Alaska, The State of California, the AFR Consortium of Great Britain, Sagem Morpho, Printrak, TRW, UNISYS, EDS, and IBM.